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Diameter of 219 stainless steel security filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

diameter stainless steel security filters

diameter stainless steel security filter USES:

can be used in medicine injection, infusion, eye drops, Chinese herbal medicine liquid filter, such as biological agents extraction, enrichment, etc.
electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industries with high pure water filtration,
terminal filter oil field water flooding back, boiler make-up water, chemical reagent, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals
drinking pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, tea beverages filtering
liquor, wine, beer, yellow wine and other wine filtration

diameter stainless steel security filter parameters:
filter diameter:
element: the
filter size: inches and inches, inches can be:
wall thickness. Mm
connection mode: clamp, flange, ordinary activities flange

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stainless steel pipeline filter pipe filters

sewage supply high-quality DN pipe filter
in the security filter cartridge filter water
caliber DNY type filter
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