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Diatomite microporous ceramic filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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diatomite microporous ceramic filter is introduced: using high grade diatomite as a raw material, by multi-layer grouting, high precision filter material of high temperature burn becomes repeatedly. It has a very high physical and chemical stability, can effective filter under the condition of neutral, acidic and alkaline water suspended solids, colloid, bacteria, etc. Diatoms of diatoms porcelain filter is a kind of single-celled algae, sea life one hundred and fifty million years ago, the precipitation in the bottom, in ten million, become a natural fossil. Diatoms in the diatom is the feature of microscopic shell, there are thousands of microfilament holes. Diatoms porcelain does not contain any chemical composition, breeding of bacteria, isolation except pathogenic bacteria and harmful objects, only clear water seepage, can be repeated washing, production by high temperature treatment, safety and health. Has been widely used in drinking water, water purification, aseptic sterile water and medicine, electronic industry, disinfectant, high pure water preparation, etc. Diatomaceous earth ceramic filter characteristics: light weight, high porosity, bulk density is less than 0. 8 g/cm3, the same conditions, the flux of general ceramic filter element 1. 3 - 1. 5 times. Uniform pore size distribution, high filtration precision, highest can reach 0. 1UM。 Since the clean well, itself free from contamination. Easy to regenerate, usable wool brush wash, sanding, backwashing water. Filtering process: screening: on the filter surface. All the water particle size is greater than the filter pore impurity particles trapped down. Choke: as part of the smaller of the surface of the impurity particles through the ceramic filter, are internal microporous filter and filter in smaller pores has been removed by detention. Adsorption: less than the particles of ceramic filter pore, through the filter, the collision on the surface of the filter, and attracted by opposite charges. In addition, the impurity particles, and between the different electrical attraction, form chain group, adsorption on the filter element. The daily maintenance of ceramic filter: ceramic filter after use, surface of dirt accumulation. Can make the water yield decreases, but does not affect the quality of filter. Should be clean ceramic filter regularly. With the brush scrub ceramic filter, until white ceramic ontology. Often scrub to keep filtering effect. After cleaning the ceramic filter, has fully recovered filter efficiency. Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of water filter, PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, big flow filter, activated carbon filter, and provide professional factories of the matching mechanism. Company has highly qualified technical team, professional engaged in water treatment technology development and industrialization, has a strong engineering design, system integration, installation, debugging and technical service capabilities. We will continue to improve their own quality and level, with excellent quality, considerate service, constantly to meet the various needs of customers. Web site
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