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'Dirty' water: extraction of groundwater as bottled water for sale

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Recently, yantai fushan district quality supervision bureau, after receiving jurisdiction the masses to report brought down a production and sales of fake black sites of bottled water.
when law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene, found a small simple water treatment device, Mainly quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter) Is filtering just pumped groundwater, three workers busy washing barrels, water, etc. Smoke on the water after a small water treatment equipment, has become famous brand bottled water flows into the market. The ground stacked with plastic, label, and bottled water. A small code printer was lying on the table and blank certificate, the health environment is bad, do not have any quality testing equipment. Law enforcement officers immediately seized the dens, held its production equipment, and seized 82 barrels of fake 'XX mountain spring' brand of bottled water and all kinds of more than 2000.
the yantai fushan district quality supervision bureau has recovered the dens pin out false 28 barrels bottled water, the case is still under further investigation.
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