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diy water filters and rain barrels

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
DIY water filters and rain buckets are two ways to control the water and make sure it\'s the best for your family.
Make sure your drinking water is free of contaminants, tastes good and smells good.
I wrote a few articles about drinking water in the United States. S.
Including the water on fire and why we shouldn\'t drink water in plastic bottles.
This article is more about controlling your situation, no matter where you live or what your climate is.
There are always parts of the world in a state of drought, the United StatesS.
It\'s all going through now.
There are some record high temperatures and lack of rainfall in several parts of the country this year.
In this case, everyone needs to save as much as possible.
Filtering your drinking water will help eliminate most of the contaminants that may enter your water.
Almost everyone can afford a water filter or even a water faucet.
The water filtration tank is filled with tap water in the sink, but the filter removes the common lead, copper, mercury, cadmium and zinc impurities in the water.
You should change the filter about every 40 gallons.
The price of the pitcher can be from $6.
Depending on the size of the pitcher, $95 to $30 or more.
The price of the filter is $14.
Depending on how much you buy at a time, $00 to $30.
If you like cold water, the kettle can be placed on a refrigerator shelf or on a door rack.
If you want to filter more water, you can buy a faucet filter for all the water that goes through the faucet.
An example is the Paragon water filtration system that can remove 97% lead, 99.
The proportion of Jia Di and cryptospores was 9%, and the proportion of chlorine was 98%, 95-
Volatile organic compounds such as benzene and trihalogen methane accounted for 99%.
There are many brands of faucet filters on the market, ranging in price from $14. 00 to $180.
00 depends on how much water you want it to filter and what you want to remove from the water.
You can also find something that allows you to turn off filtering for washing dishes or something else.
Another way to control water is to buy a rain bucket.
Even if you live in an area affected by drought today, you can help control what rain you will get.
You may ask, why do you want to get a rain bucket?
This is a great way to recycle roof runoff and use it to mitigate drought --
Just like the conditions of your garden or other plants.
Once the water enters the rain bucket, you can use the water in the garden, wash the car, and other outdoor uses.
Most of these buckets have a threaded socket so you can put the water where you want it with a garden hose.
Some of these rain buckets can be connected together with regular garden hoses.
Hang around and see which barrels have your favorite features.
Most of them have about 60 gallons of gas, but they will also make a difference.
Some are made of metal, some are made of plastic and collapse when empty and popular
Come up when filled with water
Even if you don\'t think you\'re the type to do it yourself, it\'s an easy, cheap thing to do and it pays you back over time.
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