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DN125Y type filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

DNY type filter

DNY type filter introduction:

when impurities after a certain design of mesh specifications, impurities will be blocked in the strainer.
and clean liquid outlet of the filter, it can effectively filter out impurities.
in order to ensure normal operation of the equipment.
our company produces the pipeline filter can be customized according to customer's size and precision.

DNY type filter parameters:

can be used in the chemical production in weak corrosion material: water, oil, etc.
the food, pharmaceutical materials with health requirements in the variety of size

specification ordering instructions: please specify when ordering: product name, nominal diameter, pressure level, the filtering precision, material quality, the flange standard operating pressure and other parameters in detail.
the above products for conventional universal size, if you need other size, please telephone.

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