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DN80 security filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

security filters DN

DN about security filter:

the big flow filter is high quality stainless steel material as enclosure, inside with a large quantity,
melt-blown filter and wire wound filter can meet the filtering flow is large enough.
can be used in medicine injection, infusion, eye drops, Chinese herbal medicine liquid filter, such as biological agents extraction, enrichment, etc.
electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industries with high pure water filtration, terminal filter

DN security filter parameters:

traffic: T/H
filter wall thickness: mm
element, the
filter size: inch diameter:

connection mode: flange and clamp
ordinary activities flange
three connection methods are different, the price of the consultation please specify when

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blue filter DN
caliber DNY sell like hot cakes type filter filter

DN basket type DNY type filter
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