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Do you know how to install the stainless steel cartridge filter housing?

Do you know how to install the stainless steel cartridge filter housing?


Installation instructions:

1. Washing the filter housing’s every part.

2. Pay attention to the inlet and outlet to make sure correct pipe connection way.

3. Make sure the filter cartridge O-ring is good to seal.

4. By using the suitable wetting agent or water to wet O-ring and filters jack.

5. Hold one side of the filter cartridge, Putting the filter cartridge into filters jack vertical.

6. Installed all filter cartridge, remove all package bags, setting the ss Press plate and install stainless steel housing. 

7. Open vents valve in the top of housing. 

8. Open the inlet valve, Making liquid into the housing. To close the vent valve until the liquid began to spill to vent valve. 

9. Open the outlet valve slowly and little by little until totally opened. The pressure is low to 0.02Mpa, record the original differential pressure.

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