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Domestic high-flow filter instead of 3M high-flow filter

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-13
In some industries, the water filter cartridges used are imported, such as 3M high-flow filter cartridges, pall high-flow filter cartridges, Parker high-flow filter cartridges, etc. These imported filter cartridges have their unique characteristics and advantages in use, but the cost of use is real. Is too high. Therefore, many companies are looking for alternatives to these imported high-flow water filter cartridges to see if they can be replaced with domestically-made high-flow filter cartridges, so as to reduce the filtration cost as much as possible without affecting the filtration effect. First of all, we must know that the 3M high-flow filter element is imported. Unlike the domestic high-flow water filter element, its main material is imported polyester fiber cloth. This filter material is very durable and has a long service life. This also makes the 3M large The flow filter element has the advantages of long service life and durability. According to the research on the characteristics and advantages of the 3M high-flow filter element, analyze its impact on each industry in actual use, and understand its practical use, our company has produced a domestic high-flow water filter element that replaces the 3M high-flow filter element. The design concept adopted by the domestic high-flow filter element is to integrate the center rod, filter medium and end cap into a whole through viscose. This design method uses a folding design. These design details and principles also make the domestic large-flow filter not only filter area More extensively, its service life has also been maximized. The domestic high-flow filter element is different from other filter elements in that it has a larger filtration area, a longer use time, a longer service life, and a more secure effect in work. Due to the long filter life of the domestic high-flow filter element, the update frequency of the filter element can be reduced, so that the filtration cost and the cost of the enterprise are reduced, so that the interests of the enterprise can be effectively protected. It is an economical filter product in the industry. The main product features of the high-flow filter element: ①The large-flow filter element has a relatively low use cost in the industry, and is very convenient in installation and operation; ②The impurities are completely filtered through a unique filtering method from the outside to the inside, and the impurities are trapped in the large flow filter element. ③Although the high-flow filter element is a consumable item, there is no metal skeleton around it, so as to avoid the loss after replacement and disposal; ④The high-flow filter element has a very high filtration efficiency, which is designed through a U-shaped seal groove. Ensure its efficient filtration.
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