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Domestic water resources fee levy reform

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
At present our country water resources fee levy standard is not high, classification is not standard, the problem such as the regional disparity. The National Development and Reform Commission, the price department officials said except we will continue to improve the policy to solve the above problem, by the end of the 12th five-year deal with the current water resources fee levy standard about a third. The current development and reform commission (NDRC) is studying the south-north water diversion water price policy and plan of the south-north water area for water resource compensation.
the relevant data show that last year the national industry of surface water, groundwater, Labour standards per cubic metre respectively 0. 26 and $0. 67 yuan, increased by 60% and 46% respectively than in 2005. From regional point of view, the current national 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government are the water resources fee is imposed.
development and reform commission, the price department of the ministry Wan Jinsong xiao xun, head of China's current water resources fee collection of the three major problems, one is the standard classification is not standard, all over the country for the classification of the water resources is less two kinds, more than 13 classes; The second is the overall tax level is low, mainly groundwater water resources fee is low; Third, the regional disparity, water resources condition and similar level of economic development region of water resources fee standards are different.
', for example, urban water supply enterprises take water standard for water resources fee is per cubic meter of 1 in Beijing. 32 yuan, only for the shortage of water resources is also a province between hebei is 0. 4 yuan, only 30% of that in the Beijing. 'The National Development and Reform Commission, the economic system and management research institute researcher peng-cheng ji said.
it seems to many people in the industry, the current water resources fee is difficult to reflect the scarcity of water resources, to improve the efficiency of water, water resources fee collection need to be further reform of our country.
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