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drinking water filter system - you\'re not using one yet?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
I don\'t know anything about you at all, but I bet you don\'t know for sure that Ralph Nader Institute found over 2100 chemicalsToxic chemicals
Can be found in AmericaS. Drinking water.
That\'s why you should use the drinking water filtration system!
Thanks to more than 80,000 industrial and agricultural chemicals being used in the United States, the chemicals in our water, including pesticides, are thereS.
Sadly, any widely used chemical will eventually get into our water supply system.
Most toxic and cancer
The molecules that produce chemicals in our water are very small.
The normal filtering process on our planet has little impact on them.
In addition to the problems caused by agriculture and industry, improper use and disposal of household chemicals such as cleaning products, weeds and bed bug killers, oil and gasoline, fertilizers, etc. , personal families are a huge contributor to this problem.
The amount of toxic chemicals in our water may be low, but some researchers still believe that they are responsible for most people in the United States. S. cancers.
This risk can be eliminated by a quality drinking water filtration system.
You should be particularly worried if you have children.
Children drink a lot more water than adults, and in addition, their immunity to these toxic chemicals and other defense systems are less developed.
When you start thinking about the drinking water filtration system, you will find that there are many options.
There are two main types of systems: reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.
Then complete.
House system, so-
Called the \"use point\" system installed on the faucet, it is usually installed on the kitchen sink.
Like everything in life, there is a trade-off.
The system of the whole house is more expensive to install, but it is cheaper to operate and they can protect you from chlorine in the shower and dishwasher and washing machine.
The chlorine gas released by the shower, dishwasher and washing machine is bad enough for you, but part of the chlorine breaks down into methane, which is even worse.
I discussed it all in a few other articles, but the bottom line is,
The house system is a better choice.
Leading systems can provide typical homes for about $.
£ 50 per day, offset by lower detergent costs.
When I started looking for a drinking water filtration system, I chose more than the lead
Install a carbon filter system at the kitchen faucet. (
I\'m a little smarter now and I will soon add a complete house system from the same company
But this is a story for another article. )
Household reverse osmosis systems are branches of systems developed for the industrial market, they work fine in the industrial market, but they are ineffective for most of the toxic chemicals we are discussing, small molecules flow from the membrane.
For this reason, the activated carbon filter is added to the reverse osmosis system-
In this case, why not use a simpler, simpler carbon system first?
Due to the complexity of the reverse osmosis system, its maintenance costs are often high, in addition, the cost of water from the reverse osmosis system can be two or three times the cost of the carbon filtration system.
Don\'t make a mistake-
You need a drinking water filtration system for your health!
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