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Drinking water for large flow filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

the drinking water for large flow filter

about drinking water for large flow filter:
the filter can be used for bottled water, sugar, cooking oil, fruit juice, milk and other filter.
the filter USES a high performance filter material, combined with the folding filter of
characteristics of efficient and so on, was deeply loved by the masses of customers, the filter design increases the effective filter area,
it has a long service life, change the number of reduce has the very high cost performance and low cost advantages.

the drinking water for large flow filter features and specifications:

gradient pore size structure of the filter is suitable for large flow, high capacity of sewage applications
length: '
filter material: folding deep polypropylene
support: polypropylene
transformation flange: polypropylene
the highest operating temperature: c
the maximum pressure drop:. Bar, c

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