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Drunkard wine on pure water and mineral water bottles

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Alcoholic liquor plasticizer exceeds bid event continues. Liquor to be generally contain plasticizer, in May last year, our country Taiwan area some drinks are also contains plasticizer was revealed.
insulation difficult but notice the heat the poison
plasticizer in food sometimes may not be intentionally added artificially, but inadvertently. In daily life, plasticizer is hiding around us, to be completely 'insulation' with it, it's really hard. Engaged in the research of plasticizer, etc has nearly 20 years of college of chemistry and chemical engineering, shandong university hao tells a reporter, plasticizer is phthalic acid derivatives, because the price is low, widely used in plastic products.
according to introducing, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic has certain brittleness, unfavorable to the processing and use, so need to add some additives, when processing plasticizer is a good assistant, this kind of material is added in the plastic processing, can make its flexibility, easy processing. People are exposed to in daily life plastic products generally contain plasticizer, if recycled plastic reproduction, plasticizer content also will be higher.
'the dissolution rate of plasticizer and temperature was a positive correlation. 'The higher the temperature, plasticizer in plastic products, the more easy to dissolve in beverage food, such as mineral water, room temperature is no problem, but if the temperature increases, the inside of the water became' poison ', as a result, some people in the summer of the habit of water is not desirable in the car.
in addition, in the cosmetics, some nail polish has high content of plasticizer, add plasticizer nail polish film better, look also have qualitative feeling more lubrication, not prone to brittle in the winter, summer is not easy. Use with nail polish take food to eat, sending plasticizer in the entrance was in danger.
to avoid and see the number of plastic bottle bottom
although plasticizer widely applies in the middle of the plastic products, but according to different needs, the dosage is different also, the use of polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Material in the production of plastic products, plasticizer usage is relatively more, to be cautious when using. But there are tips, some are marked on the plastic triangle symbol, there are some Numbers, from 1 - 7, through these Numbers can be used to guide.
but reporters found that in daily life, pay attention to the Numbers of people less. 'Number so small, don't look at fundamental can't see, and it's too professional, if the number have meanings, why can't the pride of place? 'In the supermarket, random interview with citizens, says ms, though don't know the meaning of Numbers, but now that Numbers have meanings, why can't express on the bottle, let the consumer more clearly?
life common plastic bottles of mineral water, fruit juice beverages such as at the end of the inside of the triangle number '1', mostly with PET. The inside of the barrel edible oil bottle at the bottom of the triangle number for '1' or '2', and below the triangle 'PET' or 'PETE'. The number of cosmetic plastic bottle bottom most as a '2', and marked with the words 'HDPE'. Some plastic kettle, most bottled mineral water at the bottom of the mark is '7', is '58' and individual target, there are words 'PC', some plastic lunch box at the bottom of the figure is mostly '7'. There are at the bottom of the plastic products without any logo.
q 10 consumers, there are eight said don't know Arabic numerals and 'PET' and other letters represent what. 'But I would like to suggest that consumers should be from the perspective of their health, know what these Numbers and letters on behalf of, to guide consumption, want to avoid the plasticizer, to ascertain the number of the bottle.
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