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Dust filter bag why often easily? Common cause of dust filter bag breakage analysis.

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Recently have aroused, clients often ask why the dust filter bag we use often broken? For this problem we according to your own experience to do the following analysis:

one, stressed out 1. Pressure range
operating pressure is within the scope of the permit, filter bag currently do manual work is divided into hot melt welding and line sewing, hot melt welding standard under pressure is 0. About 5 mpa, and at the bottom of the triangle than arc pressure.
2. Differential pressure control
filter bag of differential pressure control in 0. 05 - 0. 1Mpa,0. 5 - 1 kg/Cm2, differential pressure to be executed in accordance with the relevant provisions, there are two ways to measure the pressure difference, one is a mechanical pressure gauge, liquid may plug gauge imported, leading to differential pressure is not allowed; The other is a diaphragm pressure gauges, avoids the shortcoming of mechanical pressure gauge.
3. Flow control

you can use the flowmeter, by replacement of bag filter how much traffic can effectively control the problem of stress.

2, the filter bag itself quality
1. Seam technology
if jump line or off line easy bag, pressure loss of the filter bag at run time will increase, the impurity scale, very test of the filter bag material and workmanship.
2. Hot melt process
filter bag hot-melt weld lack of penetration or hot melt welding head.
3. Material selection of

material choice can no more use of filter bag.

1 and the quality of the filter and the design. In filter bag into the filter is not fixed, as the rotation of the liquid is movement.
2. Degree of polishing filter basket also determine the use of filter bag.

3. Filter design has defects will exist filter bag bag, such as filter basket is too long, no support in filter bag used again.

4, filter bag, use the
1, the filter bag when installation is not correct
1). After the filter bag of ring
2) is not installed in place. Installing a filter bag, filter bag fold, began to filter, produce water hammer effect.
2, the operator use undeserved, put the filter bag and filter cloth welds to pull off.
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