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Effect of air filter is introduced and structural characteristics

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
In efficient filter categories:
in efficient filter belong to F series filter in the air filter. F series efficiency air filter bag and a bag, two bag including F5, F6 and F7, F8, F9, not the bag including FB ( Efficient filter of the plate) FS ( Barrier effectively filter) 阵线( Combined effect of filter) 。

note: ( F5、F6 F7, F8, F9) For the filtration efficiency ( Colorimetric method)
F5:40 ~ 50%
F6:60 ~ 70%
75 ~ 85% F8:
85 ~ 95% F9:
99% is mainly used for central air conditioning ventilation system intermediate filtration, pharmaceutical, hospitals, electronics, food, such as industrial purification;
can also be used as efficient to filter the front end of the filter, so as to reduce the load of the high efficiency filter, prolong its service life;
in the bag effectively filter, because of the large windward side so empty large amount of dust and wind speed is low, is considered to be the best effect in the structure of air filter.

in the efficient filter characteristics:
1. 1 - capture 5 um particles of dust and all kinds of suspended solids.
2。 USES the hot melt process, structure stability, reduce the risk of broken.
3。 Air volume is big,
4. Small resistance,
5. Should the high amount of dust,
6. Repeatable use clean,
7. Style: the different type and box, bag,
8. Filter material: special non-woven or fiberglass,
9. Efficiency: 60% ~ 95% @ 1 ~ 5 um ( Colorimetric method) ,
10所示。 The highest use temperature and humidity: 80 ℃, 80%
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