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Efficient filter commonly used in field?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Effect of filters made from glass fiber filter paper or offset paper, aluminum foil, and strict sealing. Range of F7 to H10 efficiency. Has the filter has big filter area, large dust content, small resistance, long service life, wide applicable scope, etc. Is suitable for large air flow ventilation system, pharmacy, hospital, food, clean room, such as air filtration system, can be used as a coarse effect in the end of the filtering system or effective pre filter filtration system. Structure: the metal frame ( Flanged) Or tape, aluminum foil separator, effective sealing glue sealing. According to customer requirements in the production of efficient filter using location: commercial and industrial clean room ventilation and air conditioning system with the filter high humidity, ventilation and air conditioning system installation of fire ventilation air conditioning system in the narrow space requires high humidity or ventilation ventilation and air conditioning system of air filter can absorb and retain them * * * * * * of dust in the air and suspended solids. The hot melt technology. Structurally, its performance is very stable, not easy to deformation or distortion, reduce the risk of leakage. In addition, the efficient filter is reflected in the characteristics of air volume, effectively filter in the air volume is big, dust removal ability are relatively high.
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