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Electroplating waste water purification treatment equipment

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
For electroplating wastewater contains a lot of metal ions, especially nickel ion, copper ion, such as direct emissions has serious pollution on the surface water, water discharge place is nothing grows, Shanghai chemical industrial park, there are several electroplating factory, before delivery after ion exchange treatment, waste water or up to the mark, so several for centralized processing again, although the traffic is not big, but the effect is very big.
I company for the design of dosing capture + filtration system + ion exchanger + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis water system, dosing mainly metal to metal ions to capture capture agent, preliminary to remove the nickel ion in the water, and then through the quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter adsorption belongs to the basic mechanical filter processing, but greatly reduces the metal ion content, then in addition to the nickel ion exchanger for further adsorption, nickel ions is basically good, and then after ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis treatment, basic no nickel ion, can be used to mark again. Of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water collected from the pool, after filter, the water treatment, waste water again after the system pressure filtration of solid waste to the qualified solid waste disposal unit for processing, is a system to do big zero emissions.
the water processing system run down, everything is normal, solve the enterprise operation.
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