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Embellish new automatic softener ( Demineralized water equipment)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
I company specializing in the production of water softener, embellish new automatic control valves, water softener control valve has a manual control valve and automatic control valves, automatic control is divided into time type automatic control valves and flow type automatic control valves. Time control water softener, according to the operation of the set time for backwashing salt absorption regeneration, the analogy is set up to 20 hours, when the water softener operation to 20 hours then regeneration, also the original, traffic control water softener, is when the operation after reaching set flow regeneration.
many people couldn't tell, a lot of quartz sand filter, including multiple dielectric filters, activated carbon filter has a similar control valves, filters and water softener control valves similar appearance, actually there is no salt absorption filter embellish new control valve regeneration, is only backwashing and washing, and much more softener control valve mouth is used to suck a little into the salt salt regeneration.
embellish new control valve is the domestic production of high quality, reliable performance, the mature technology of water softener control valves, in our country has been widely promoted.
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