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Extended use burning stone filter core main methods and techniques

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Use burning stone filter filter better way and prolong the service life of the skills needed for the problem to develop, we must first clear burning stone which influence on the service life of the filter cartridge.

cause burning stone filter cartridge replacement the main factors: frequent

1. Raw water quality is not stable, frequent fluctuations, lead to enter the granularity of the filter material is overmuch, cause cycle shorten;

2. Pretreatment running effect is poor, pretreatment of dosing flocculants, scale inhibitors, etc. Is not compatible with each other or do not match with water, the formation of sticky substance adhere to the filter surface, results in the decrease of filter effective filter area, cause filter changed frequently;

3. Filter quality is bad, the poor quality of inside and outside of the filter aperture are basically the same, only the outer interception effect, and good filter filter aperture is outside-in decrease step by step, the inner filtration precision for 5 + 0. 5 microns, carrying amount is bigger, use a long time also can ensure effluent is qualified.

to prolong the cycle of burning stone filter core measures:

(1) water is generally fixed water, not easily change;

(2) to improve the running effect of pretreatment and optimization of flocculant and coagulant aid dosage, choose the scale inhibitor for water, adjust the running state, pretreatment equipment to achieve good operational procedures in strict accordance with the requirements, ensure the pretreatment effluent is qualified.
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