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facts concerning the under counter water filter

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
How the water filter works. .
If you ever thought about how the anti-filter works;
What\'s on them, what makes them necessary household items, and then keep reading.
There are very few claims that the water in your home contains harmful substances.
Sand filtration methods used by municipalities help clean up the water and make it look clean, but fail to remove most of the toxic chemicals found in the water now.
Dumping chlorine in it does kill many microorganisms, but there are many chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as gardia.
Chlorine itself is a problem on the client side. Unlike a whole-
Only when pure water is required can the household filter be operated, the water filter under the counter.
Because we are often told to drink more water, we need to supply high quality water at any time.
I will try to draw you a picture of a typical filter system: by operating a separate sink faucet when needed, the water will be diverted through the filter and you will need to install it.
Under the sink, at the point where the flexible hose is normally connected, twist the T metal connector to the end of the cold water inlet tube. .
Take a look under your sink and see what I\'m talking about.
The flexible hose is then screwed back to the other end of the T.
Your filter is connected to the bottom of the T connector via a hose.
When you turn on the cold water faucet, the water goes directly through your faucet from the water pipe.
When you turn on the filter faucet, the water flows through T and then through the filter until the filter faucet.
If you understand that you are doing well.
OK, the actual filter unit is usually attached to the side wall under the sink. . .
A simple bracket, usually provided with the filter.
Most of them are not very big.
There are two basic designs for the anti-water filter;
Use of film and filter water through different materials.
Some people combine these two methods.
First, water is forced by a semi-permeable membrane.
This process is called reverse osmosis.
Although they are very popular, their disadvantage is that essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium are also removed.
They are also expensive and waste a lot of water.
The second is to separate or change harmful substances by various materials.
Better yet there are two filter chambers, each with a filter cartridge.
These filters: a.
Mechanical filtration.
Ion exchange and ion exchange
Adsorption mechanical filtration refers to the place where water is forcibly cleaned through carbon materials such as charcoal.
Ion exchange is a chemical process in which harmful substances (such as lead ions) in water are changed to potassium ions by exchanging ions using resin-type beads.
Adsorption occurs when toxic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides are attracted and collected (adsorb)
Materials such as start-up (processed)carbon.
This is a fairly complex process, but independent testing proves that a good filter does achieve a, B, and c most effectively under the anti-filter.
Another factor to see is the speed of the water flow.
It is good to have good purified water, but if it only drops out, then waiting for the glass to fill will test your patience.
The system I recommend has more than 9 liters of traffic per minute.
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