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Fiber ball filter filtering effect

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Compared with quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, and even more medium filter, fiber ball filter with actually also not many, but in the fiber ball filter for the water, landscape water, containing algae water treatment effect is good.
just in tianjin on a business trip this month, because in our side of engineering procurement company don't know how to use fiber ball filter, asked our technical staff guidance, personnel in the factory is too busy, only me again, arrived at the scene of the pumped water do green, I want to die, it can deal with clean? I used to use bag filter processing contains rich nutrients of green water, the water is very good, but was soon blocked, this time with fiber ball filter can only give it a try.
the first fiber ball filter recoil and washing, and start at the top of the mixer for mixing, stirring effect in order to clean. And then achieve running state, good, no green water, the water is clean, have see the graph. To be the king of the visible fiber ball filter is buried water treatment.
untreated water treated:

through fiber ball filter processing after the water:
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