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Guanzgzhou Lvyuan produces PP filter bags, PE ilter bags, PTFE filter bags, oil removal filter bags, anti-static filter bags, double-layer filter bags, nylon monofilament filter bags and dust filter bags etc.


Here are the advantages of filter cartridges:

1. ISO9001 and SGS certified.

2. With professional filtration & purification solution, make filter system more simple & reliable.

3. Good chemical stability, acid & alkali corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance.

4. No glues or additives, strong antimicrobial ability, no microbes, high dirt-holding capacity and long service life.

5. Good mechanical performance, it can have the suction filtration & press-filtration.

6. Free custom service for size, logo steel seal,gram weight, type etc.

Lvyuan Customized All Sizes of Filter Bags


Our company adopts the unique fiber ratio of the production of liquid filter material, it can be Polypropylene, Polyester ,Nylon, PPS Or PTFE.

The material good at filter aperture uniform, high filtering accuracy, good filtering effect, long using life.

In addition, this bag is applicable to the filtration of medium or low viscosity liquid. It provides a stable and high filtration flow rate to effectively capture a variety of soft or hard impurities.


PP Filter Bag

PE Filter Bag

PE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag

NMO Filter Bag

Stainless Filter Bag

SS Filter Bag

Active Carbon Filter Bag

active carbon filter bags

Anti-static Filter Bag


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