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Filter to LuAn group field surveying and mapping

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
On July 19, 2006, shanxi LuAn coal-based synthetic oil co. , LTD. , was formally established, demonstration project is located in changzhi city, Shanxi Province tunliu county more than my town, is by shanxi LuAn mining ( Group) A limited liability company exclusive established a limited liability company. Our company consists of 11 ( Room) ( The human resources department, finance department, production department, party work department, engineering department, mechanical dynamics, and burn the stone ring, supply, sales department, logistics department, qc department, company) 10 workshops, ( Gasification, purification, instrumentation, electrical, equipment, synthesis, urea, heat, water treatment, coal preparation workshop) ; Have registered more than 1300 employees.

shanxi LuAn coal-based synthetic oil demonstration project is the national '863' project of new and high technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences knowledge innovation project of major projects, is a key support for the construction of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance coal indirect liquefaction demonstration plant, is a major project of shanxi provincial party committee, provincial government determine the construction project.

in 2018 on March 10, the relevant person in charge of my company to lead our team into the production line of surveying and mapping field surveying and mapping products, this time is to arrive LuAn group, coal-based synthetic oil co. , LTD. , for their company's synthesis plant, purification plant, production factory and so on seven factory burned stone filter, precision filter, hydraulic oil filter, air filter cartridge, water filter, hydraulic oil filter and other equipment to the scene of surveying and mapping, my company is a professional production of industrial filter and filter factory producers, the scene would allow us to get the real products of surveying and mapping data, according to the data of surveying and mapping, our technical team would come out to professional drawings, for production. Our company is specialized technical team according to the parameters, the samples of customized production.

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