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Finnish scientists developed wave energy seawater desalination system

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The area of the earth is covered by water accounts for 70% of the area of the earth, but can direct drinking water accounts for only a small proportion, so how to make the water can dilute, actually this technical problem is not a problem for today's technology, people have been invented in the last century of reverse osmosis unit, by high pressure water by reverse osmosis membrane, and high salinity brine from thick discharge nozzle, which is desalination, but high pressure hydraulic, must provide the strong power, so the traditional reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is energy intensive, for the global fossil energy gradually dry, high energy consumption system fresh water become the main bottleneck of development of reverse osmosis desalination.
Finland aalto university researchers have developed a new type of wave energy can be directly used desalination system, realize the use of new energy low cost target of desalination. The system mainly consists of a wave energy converter and a reverse osmosis device. Its working principle is: the installation of energy converter in the water to water pressure, make the water through pipes to & frac12; The reverse osmosis device, reverse osmosis remove salt from seawater, further processing, to ensure the production of fresh water for drinking. This set of system the biggest fresh water production is about 3700 cubic meters, & yuml; Cubic meters fresh water production cost as low as zero. 60 euros ( 1 euro or 1. $36) , cost and the use of other energy desalination method is almost equal.
with the development of human science and technology, expect more low water desalination process, offer more high-quality fresh water for human being.
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