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firm told to pay rs 5k for selling faulty water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Suburban consumer forum imposed penalties on the sale of defective water filters to customers by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
The company is required to pay the Rs5, 000 to the customer and replace the filter with a new filter.
This case dates back to August 2011, when Kadir Khan, a Malad resident, purchased a water filter worth rupees.
Khan said in his complaint that he could not use the filter due to a problem.
He has tried to get in touch with the company many times, but the company has not responded.
Khan, dissatisfied with the company\'s attitude, filed a complaint against HUL with the consumer forum on December 2011.
In its reply, HUL claimed that they had deployed personnel on multiple occasions to deal with the complainant\'s problems, but since they could not find anyone in the complainant\'s home.
The Forum added that since HUL distributed a defective work sale in the market, the complainant must be compensated by RS 5 K in addition to replacing the faulty equipment with a new filter.
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