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fluoride filters - reverse osmosis or activated alumina water filters?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
At home, there are several ways to remove fluoride from the water.
One of them is with a reverse osmosis water filter.
These are usually installed under your kitchen sink and they work by forcing water through the membrane that prevents fluoride from passing through so that the water collected on the other side will not have fluoride and many other contaminants.
The second way to remove fluorine from drinking water is to use an active alumina filter cartridge.
This type of fluorine water filter is smaller and placed on your countertop.
It is also much cheaper than reverse osmosis water filters.
Why do you want to remove fluoride from your drinking water?
If you have children, if they consume too much fluoride during the development of their teeth, they will develop dental fluoride.
Until the age of 8, children are at risk for the disease.
Most children with fluoride spots have mild cases where white spots and lines appear on their teeth, which are less obvious.
Serious cases are not common, but these cases may have symptoms of dents and cracked teeth dyed brown or black.
In addition, fluoride is associated with many other diseases, such as increased risk of cancer, and may even be associated with Alzheimer\'s.
Fluorine is actually a pollutant, a by-product made of iron, copper and aluminum.
It is even used as rat medicine and pesticide.
Many people think there is no clear link between fluoride and tooth decay.
Whether you want to drink water with fluoride is a personal decision.
But since most municipal water supplies in the United States add fluorine, if you want to drink water without fluorine, you have to use a fluorine filter to drain it out.
Boiling water can not remove fluorine, only concentrate fluorine.
Fluoride cannot also be removed by distillation.
You should know that bottled water may also contain fluoride unless the label says it has been filtered using reverse osmosis.
When trying to choose between the two fluorine filters, the price can be a determinant.
Reverse osmosis water filters are much more expensive than active alumina cartridges.
The reverse osmosis system is expected to cost hundreds of dollars, and you can get the alumina filter cartridge for less than $100.
Also consider if you need to remove other contaminants from the water.
High quality reverse osmosis system can remove chlorine and E-
E. Coli and many other impurities.
Learn all your options before selecting a water filtration system.
Water filters have their advantages and disadvantages and which one you choose depends on the source of your drinking water.
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