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Focus on groundwater pollution to protect the environment

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Strong concealment of the groundwater pollution, and did not cause enough attention. Such as industrial wastewater without filter and direct to the deep underground, was quite bad, this kind of practice is very hidden, the illegal cost is low, but the serious consequences, to children, serious impact on the life and health of the masses, appeared in some places even cancer villages. It also exposes the water pollution control and water treatment, in the past, we pay more attention to surface water and groundwater is a lack of supervision.
half of groundwater is contaminated, processing more difficult. According to xinhua, the relevant departments for the continuous monitoring data of 118 cities, according to about 64% of the city suffered serious pollution of groundwater, 33% by light pollution of groundwater, only 3% of urban groundwater basic cleaning. Possible because of the pressure on the layer of groundwater treatment difficulty is greater, and the underground crisscross, more closely contact with the soil, pollution is more hidden, treatment is more expensive than surface water treatment. Regulation need to implement, beautiful China needs to strengthen supervision and responsibility in the face. Actually illegal enterprises will sewage discharged into the underground is not have now, in February 2012, guangxi dragon river cadmium pollution incident, the cause is a company of sewage directly discharged into the underground cave. But the public, media tracking does not appear to have caused the regulators. Local government in pursuit of GDP at the same time, achieve beautiful vision of China need to strengthen supervision and improve the illegal cost of enterprises.
so we called on society should strengthen the supervision, put an end to illegal discharges, is helpful to water treatment companies, especially in industrial water treatment enterprises, and water quality monitoring in more projects, moreover in order to ensure the security of drinking water, drinking water will have to pay more attention to.
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