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Focusing on our earth, focusing on our water resources

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Today is April 22, 2011, I 42nd earth day, the earth is our home, we want to take good care of the earth, protect the environment and maintain our common homeland, as a part of our earth, we have a responsibility to have a duty to maintain the earth.
70%, the earth is the area of the sea, is covered by water, and only few part can be directly drinking water, as the earth has the large area and have its direct drinking is rarely part of visible and water to the surface of the earth is the biggest, in humans, he has is how important, how scarce material.
so, we need to focus on the earth, shall we water pipe.
with the development of the society, rapid economic growth, human to the use of water resources, pollution is not only on the increase, factories, and so on a large number of consumption of water resources of the earth, life and continuous discharge waste water into river, polluted water, the utilization of water resources of human greed, so to speak. As the consumption of water resources, the lack of water resources has caused various social conflicts even war, someone says: the 20th century is to war for oil, and the 21st century is the fight for water resources. Sound creepy, but also reflects a real problem, lack of water resources will cause all kinds of contradictions, in order to we can harmonious life on earth, we must protect the water resources, let the peoples living water.
protection of water resources, not only do we have to save water, reasonable utilization of water resources, I more to deal with pollution of water, we make the wastewater can be recycled after processing, this is what we usually call the water reuse, we through the quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter adsorption, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology, and then after disinfection processing, we can be recycled again, so that we will be limited resources circulation use, now with the development of economy of various water treatment technology development, a new type of water treatment products being developed, not only can be very good deal with the sewage reached the standard of we use again.
we filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , since the company since its establishment, we have to 'protect the environment, struggle for human sustainable development' as the goal, we have developed a variety of new products, such as quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, bag filter, medium filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, ozone sterilizer, etc, in the use of more than ten years, our products get the inspection of the society, but not in the improvement of operation of the water treatment equipment is more energy-efficient, covers an area of less, for chemical factory, food factory, machinery factory, beverage factory, all
walks of life services such as electronic industry, we undertook: to protect the environment, for the purpose of good and inexpensive products, stable and reliable, economic works as the goal, get wide acceptance of the society.
believed that the earth is more and more green, water is more and more clear, the earth is more and more harmonious.
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