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Fold the standard filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

fold standard filter more

fold standard filter more product introduction:
the fold cartridge filter medium adopts cloth, polyester fiber has good mechanical properties and the sun.
high temperature resistance, strength is not affected in the strong acid, strength can be affected in hot alkali.
filter medium, the center pole, end cover gluing together as a whole part, to ensure that the end cover sealing ability is better.
because of its folding design, provides a larger filter area, prolong the service life of filter, reducing frequency of filter updates.
lower filter costs, from the perspective of industrial value filter is a kind of economical products.

fold standard filter products more areas of application:

RO and general water treatment, etc.

food and drinking water in the swimming pool filter
chemical process of acid and alkali liquid filter chemical raw materials of organic solvents

sterile water, ultrapure water filter before buy

fold standard filter more technical parameters:

diameter: mm inner diameter:

length: mm. Inches,. Inches, inches and inches, inches and inches.

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