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Folding decay pore membrane filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

fold decline pore membrane filter

fold decline pore membrane filter structure is introduced:

the filter element is double polypropylene discount structure, the inner layer of polypropylene film as the final filter layer, the outer layer USES the aperture's biggest non-woven fabric for the coarse filter layer, has played a role in the process of the filter.
element of internal and external support for polypropylene material. So the filter is pre filter and filter together.
the accuracy of filtering. um,. um,. um,. um,. Um, um, um, um, eight kinds of pore size, choose according to customer's request.

fold decline pore membrane filtration core strengths:

discount structure of the cartridge filter has big filter area, low starting pressure difference, fast speed, the filter volume small, the cost is small.
due to pre filtering, and eventually filter is a unity, so the filter capacitors carrying capacity is bigger.
service life is longer than a single aperture of filter. Single pure polypropylene material, easy to determine the chemical compatibility.

fold decline pore membrane filter technology parameters:

PH. 。 Pharmaceutical, beverage, food, the terminal filtration of highly purified water.
filtration precision: absolutely. 。 。 。 。 。 Um:
use temperature ℃

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