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Folding nylon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

folding nylon filter description
folding nylon filter to enhance nylon and microporous membrane as medium, using advanced side sealing liquid filtration precision components made of and edge sealing technology, without any binder and additives. The filter has good filtering accuracy and flux. Filter for % integrity non destructive testing, high pure water washing factory.

folding nylon filter advantages:
the hydrophilicity is superior, high filtration precision, entrapment efficiency of %, repeatable online disinfection, low starting pressure difference. Typical application:
active pharmaceutical ingredients, medicinal solvent and water for injection, injection, infusion terminal filter, such as
high pure water, beverage, wine, dairy products of filtration, photoresist, chemical reagents, such as terminal filter products.
the highest working temperature: ℃,. Mpa
maximum differential pressure:. MPa, ℃
the back pressure difference:. MPa, ℃
effective filtering area: & ge; 。 ㎡/“;
positive online steam sterilization: ℃, min/time,
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