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Folding oil filter material technical analysis

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Folding oil filter filtration principle is oil and water and other liquid droplets, were captured by the coalescer internal superfine fiber. Folding oil filter these micron grade fiber to air flow formed in the tortuous channel, forcing solid particles and liquid droplets spread in the inertia collision, interception and intercept directly under the action of three kinds of filtering mechanism, the filter particles due to gravity, large droplet settling to the bottom of the container, the pressure to achieve separation of folding oil filter material technical analysis 1. Filter, oil filter is higher than air filter to the requirement of filter paper, mainly because the oil temperature change range from 0 to 300 degrees, under the intense temperature shock, the concentration of the oil also corresponding change, it will affect the flow of filter oil. * * * * * * of the oil filter filter paper to under severe temperature changes, the filter impurities, at the same time, ensure enough traffic. 2. Rubber seal: * * * * * * the oil filter is with special synthetic rubber sealing ring, ensure that 100% do not leak. 3. Reflux suppression valve: only * * * * * * for oil filter. When the engine flameout, it can prevent oil filter; When the engine to ignition, it immediately produce pressure and supply engine oil lubrication. ( Also known as the valves) 4. Overflow valve: only * * * * * * for oil filter. When the outside temperature down to a specific value or when the oil filter is beyond normal use limit, overflow valve will open in special pressure, let the unfiltered oil flow directly into the engine. Although as a result, the impurity in the oil will together into the engine, but compared with no oil in the engine and damage, the damage is much smaller. So the overflow valve is the key to protect the engine in an emergency. ( Also known as the bypass valve) Source filtration is a * * * * * * the production of industrial filter and filter of innovative enterprises. The main products are oil filter, air compressor filter, metal melt filter, stainless steel folded filter, water filter, etc. , my company's products can be imported filter material, implement national and international standards. Can be used according to the product condition at the same time providing customers with custom filter service, in the petroleum chemical industry, air compressor, power plants, and other fields to get the customer consistent high praise.
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