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Folding standard water cartridge filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

folding standard water cartridge filter

folding standard water cartridge filter introduction:

with durable performance, filter medium center pole and end cover gluing together as a whole part,
to ensure that the end cover sealing ability is better, because of its folding design. Longer filter life, reduce the frequency filter updates, reduce the filter cost.

folding standard water cartridge filter parameters:

& middot; Inside diameter: / & throughout;
· Length: & throughout; ” ” ” ”
end cover material: PVC & middot; Rod: polypropylene
& middot; Aperture:. umumumumumum
· The highest working temperature: oF
& middot; The maximum working pressure: PSID
& middot; Traffic: GPM per inch, mainly depends on the size of the aperture

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