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forum: water filters and the profits of doom - richard gould feels swamped by a rising tide of selling

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Richard Gould puts two free newspapers in our mailbox every Thursday.
If I could find them before our cat shredder, I might see some ads on the category page that say \"you drink \". You wash in it.
Make a fortune with it now.
Similar advertisements have appeared in all provinces and across the country.
They were interested in me because I met someone who claimed to have been stung by a chain sales plan run by a company that sells water filters automatically: he responded to ads like this.
I\'m not surprised to find that I can really make money by buying and selling water filters, which are 1990 of the boom products-like a 1980 microwave.
I was told to act quickly, and the first step in this wealth was to sign a generous check to giant water filters-or it would be better to sign a lot of generous checks in a row (MWFC Inc)
Bob is your uncle from the United States.
By the way, this is not its real name.
MWFC Inc. works like this: Learn about MWFC Inc. through one of its chain stores.
The seller, or is responsible for the ads it puts on, you will be loaned a video.
This smart movie will show you pictures of the big bad industries of all kinds of shoddy air and rivers, followed by disgusting water and similar photoslike. A deep-
Authoritative speaker with mandatory mid
The Atlantic accent will guide you through this kind of environmental slaughter and lead to a child drinking a glass of water.
Needless to say, unless the water in the glass passes through the water filter first, it is dangerous because \"leading scientists with scientific evidence\" says so.
Every family should have a water filter-most people will be in the medium term, according to \"leading marketing experts\"
Atlantic commentator
Then a series of charts and explanations tell you how to get through (i)
Purchase and resell MWFC corporate filters ,(ii)
Convince others to do the same ,(iii)
Convince the other topersuade who was persuaded, and so on.
If this leaves a deep impression on you, go to part 2.
This happens in a luxurious hotel and will be widely publicized and religious like the gospel of the American Bible.
The first generation of followers of MWFC Inc. will show you the \"high quality\" ropes of the special selection.
It\'s not that they will ask for a disciplined evidence.
Just your money.
Then, buy as much as you want and resell it for 50 cents.
You have also purchased a license that allows you to buy and sell MWFC Inc. filters-a vague franchise arrangement, but there are very few back-ups associated with a franchise.
Then, in the use of MWFC Inc. before the hype, you will reach multiple dimensions: get a few generations of convinced people, MWFC Inc. not only will you be given a small commission for each filter you sell, but you will also be given a marketing budget.
Once you reach multiple dimensions, you can actually get quiterich, and some have already reached it.
If people can succeed in anything, that\'s it.
The normal person, the buyer is responsible for the application.
First of all, you pay for filtersup front and it is your responsibility to resell them-forget to sell --or-
Return arrangements or invoices for 30 days of credit: If your sales acumen puts you on a long and expensive path to multiple dimensions, then, MWFC Inc. there is no skin behind it, because it has sold at least one filter, and there are a lot of people waiting to fill the footprint of your vacancy.
Secondly, you need to pay for your own expenses before you reach multiple dimensions.
In this case, a mark of 50 points-up is pitiful.
To make it really worth it, you have to select a lot of filters very quickly.
Third, chain sales are like chain letters: almost everyone has them and loses a few pennies, but almost no one gets rich from them.
So, from a business point of view, MWFC Inc. not only has the sales staff working individually for commissions-which are actually free jobs-but also convince them to invest in the growth of the company and pay for the sales.
MWFC Inc. filters are expensive even at the \"lowest\" price-after a lot of investigation into pipeline stores, builders, and ads from various sources, I found that there are only a third filter cost produced by several companies.
So why are people attracted to the hype?
In addition to hanging carrots that attract you to multi-dimensional wealth, environmental panic also helps a lot.
This is also the marketing strategy used by other water filter manufacturers.
For example, do you really care if you and your family are healthy?
Then use the water filter, \'ad for the British water filter command.
A German producer is trying to convince us to buy its filter because once again, through \"scientific sources\", no region in the UK meets the drinking water standards of the European Economic Community.
This raises two questions: is the drinking water in the UK so bad and does the water filter the answer?
The first is water.
Most of them come from underground reservoirs.
Before it is delivered to the user, it will go through a series of treatment plants to promote it to absorb pollutants such as pesticides, nitrate, fertilizers, bacteria, heavy metals and deposits.
Water companies now conduct inspections every day, and an independent supervisory body-the Drinking Water Inspectorate-conducts spot checks to ensure that standards are maintained.
In the UK, water companies have to comply with about 60 parameters, many of which are aesthetic standards.
According to a spokesman for the Northwest waters,
Our water has always been within the guidelines of the European Economic Community.
However, there is indeed an over-standard phenomenon, but these are usually short-term peaks, and there is no evidence that these peaks are as dangerous as the water filter supplier.
However, if the supplier of the water filter continues to violate the standards, they will be happy to quote these peaksas.
That is to say, accidents can occur, for example, aluminum content may soar to potentially dangerous levels.
Whether these problems can be avoided is a meaningless question.
Water companies say they are addressing these problems, especially in places where nitrate and aluminum are related-groundwater in some parts of the UK contains high levels of nitrate.
But is the domesticwater filter the answer?
Water filters mimic some simple aspects of an underground water treatment plant.
The most common types include ceramic material candles and active charcoal dipped in silver.
This will remove most of the heavy metals, deposits and organic residues, while silver will kill any bacteria.
The technique worked well after trial and testing-they took a long time to clean up the dirty water.
However, there are several considerations.
First of all, they are not designed to cope with peak levels of contaminants associated with disasters.
Secondly, while they are very effective for the first liter of water, their performance is steadily declining.
Let the candle do too much, and after a period of time, the pollutants will be released in the return water.
Third, very few people remove all nitrate or lead.
So should we bother to use the water filter?
Keith Osborne, an occupational health expert in northwest waters, said: \"They are very good for aesthetic reasons.
They are also ideal for chlorine removal.
Although it is not necessary, the taste is not good.
However, we do not agree with the view that water filters are critical to bringing drinking water to European Community standards-a alarmist.
So what about lead in the water?
In our town, for example, drinking water often exceeds the standards of European communities, because there are a large number of lead pipes in the ancient houses that dominate this place.
There are three answers, Mr Osborne said.
\"You can reinstall and disassemble the lead pipe, or have the tap run for a minute before using water, or you can use the filter.
Just make sure it contains an ion exchange agent, otherwise it will not remove lead.
I asked the same question to a researcher at the Public Health Engineers Association and got a similar answer.
So you have it.
The next time someone tells you that there is water that cannot be drunk in all parts of the UK and insists that for health reasons you will need to buy a water filter that they may sell.
If someone offers you membership in the water filter chain sales program, remember that only a few people will become rich.
As long as the water quality is not perfect, someone will take advantage of this fact.
Water quality in Britain and other Western countries seems to be improving.
At the same time, in the third world, about 30 000 children die in water every day. borne diseases.
All they need is clean water.
Maybe they will use the water filter better than we do.
Richard Gould is a freelance journalist.
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