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Gas pipeline filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

gas pipeline filter

gas pipeline filter introduction:

pipeline filter is another name of dirt separator, filter valve, it is indispensable to medium pipeline system
a filtering device. It is primarily a filter to filter the impurities,
can effectively filter out the solid particle wear and blockage of pipeline equipment accessories,
to protect normal operation of the equipment.

gas pipeline filter applications:

. Weak corrosively medium for chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry production, water, oil, etc.
. Can be used in the chemical production contains corrosion materials, caustic soda, soda ash filtration
low temperature of cooling material. Materials with sanitary requirements in the production of food, pharmaceutical, beer, beverage, dairy products, syrup, etc.
this besides it can also be applied to gas filtering
general ventilation network orders per square centimeter

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