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Gasoline diesel filter equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Because of gasoline or diesel oil fractionation out containing suspended solids, the general medium filter is not easy to filter out, it may cause more medium into diesel or gasoline, so now a lot of bag filter is adopted to improve the diesel gasoline filter, bag filter with high precision, simple operation, do not produce secondary pollution, widely used in the oil filter, also known as bag filter, bag filter bag filter bag cheaper price, so the operation cost is low. Generally in the oil filter, using the secondary purification treatment, first carries on the preliminary filter with 50 micron precision, then use accuracy of 10 micrometers secondary filter bag filter, basic can remove sediment in the oil, soil and other impurities.
gasoline or diesel oil, tea oil filter, filter pressure in 2 - commonly 3 kg, so I can drive oil filter bag, the impurities trapped in the filter bag, when filter feed pressure increased by 1 kg, the bag filter has blocked, then take out clean or replace filter bag filter bag. The operation is very easy and convenient.
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