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ge water filters review

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The GE brand has long been associated with premium appliances, but that doesn\'t mean that all of their products belong to A-list.
However, the consumer\'s expectations for the GE product line are a bit high because they have a solid reputation and impressive performance.
Entering the GE water filter system, the company boasts a strong route --
Starting with drinking water filtration, including reverse osmosis, dual primary carbon filtration, kitchen, bathtub and shower filtration, faucet installation, water tank, and finally refrigerator and ice maker filtration.
Highlighting some of the advantages of GE water filters on GE\'s website includes better quality of life, the convenience of filter replacement that is easy to twist and lock design, protection from water contaminants and savings.
One model of concern is the GE GX1550F Smartwater filtering system, which has been the subject of many reviews.
First of all, the installation is not as easy as claimed.
Second, the manual clearly indicates O-
Grease rings or nozzles with food-
Grade Silicone before connecting the filter, apparently only GE has this oil.
For a small tube plus shipping, you will spend a little more.
Consumers see this as very frustrating and suggest that GE should include \"gray\" in its packaging \".
Third, the filter will not last for a long time.
Finally, some plastic parts are easy to break.
It looks like GE has not perfected the water filter yet.
In the meantime, stick your selection on other water filters that have passed the test.
There are so many brands of water filtration systems, so GE should not be your first choice.
But innovative companies like GE will certainly make up for all the flaws and come up with an improved and well-established version of the ideal home water filtration system.
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