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Global investors optimistic about the water sector

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Due to factors such as population expansion, environmental pollution increasingly scarce water resources around the world. The nature conservancy ( TNC) Recently, according to a study released in 2050, the world's 1 billion city dwellers will face permanent water shortage. The study, said the cause of the change are immigrants, the urban population growth and climate change. Scientists say that we need not only engineering method, also needs a natural solution to prevent the happening of this kind of condition, the future world will have hundreds of millions of urban residents face permanent water shortage. Maybe in the day, there will be more expensive than oil water scene. Entrepreneurs and investors are bullish on water sector investment prospects, introduce recent few water from below the positive events on the market.
1, li ka-shing, a huge sum of money for the water
Hong Kong listed company cheung kong [ 101. 90 - 1. 93%] Joint cki and the li ka shing foundation announced in early August, plans to £ 4. 8 billion bid for British Water company listed on the Northumbrian Water ( NWG) 。
NWG is one of the UK's largest water supply and sewage treatment company, the main service in North-East England and southeast, service population of about 4. 5 million people. As of March 31, in addition to tax and non-recurring items and net profit of 1. On March 31, 8. 1 billion pounds a year, this year's net asset value is 4. 7. 5 billion pounds. According to purchase agreement, cheung kong, Yangtze river and the li ka shing foundation construction of the joint venture company UK Water, a 465 p per share full takeover NWG, shares issued for 2. 4 billion pounds. UK Water also need to bear the NWG about 2. 4 billion pounds of debt, the entire project acquisition of total assets of about 4. 8 billion pounds.
2, investment fund KKR is China water treatment manufacturers issued bonds
the global well-known private equity investment funds in early KKR8 announced that it will be to singapore-listed water treatment and recycling solution provider in China - — Joint environmental technology co. , LTD. 1 issued convertible bonds investment. 13. 8 billion dollars.
KKR investment of convertible bonds coupon rate of 2. 5%, the period for 5 years. The two companies is expected to be completed before the end of the deal, deal is yet to be integrated environmental shareholder approval. According to the source, KKR joint investment environment of reason is based on the sewage treatment and environmental protection industry. Joint environment through the application in the field of sewage treatment and reuse of advanced membrane technology, the environmental protection enterprise for water shortage and pollution problem provides a feasible solution. Uel, chairman and chief executive of Lin Yucheng said, the important period of the sewage treatment industry development in China, KKR's investment will enable us to achieve further development.
3, PE companies in the United States pay close attention to China's new technology
and as early as march this year, another China water [listed in Singapore 2. 62 - 1. 50%] Attention to science and technology has also been PE institution of the new company. The 12th five-year plan made clear a number of policy guidance, including improving the drainage of sewage treatment standards, increase the intensity of reclaimed water reuse; Compulsory treatment sludge; Continue to improve sewage treatment and equipment load rate, etc.
agi asset management company has issued a report pointed out that resource has a price, water resources into new investment issues. A lot of chance to investment in water supply system, but is not simple. Find out advantageous enterprises can expect from an investment interests, more than the whole industry chain including enterprise: water plants, chemical plants, processing plants, as well as energy and service providers. Private investment usually want to have clean water quality, in order to maintain production line operation, investment of basic facilities mainly rely on the public budget of the city. Also in the process of investment, macro economic development may affect the financial plan, also will be included in the evaluation.
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