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go green with an eco friendly whole house water filter and make the best investment in your health

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Many companies have revised or overhauled their products in order to obtain or give themselves the title of \"environmental protection.
\"The result is often that this change is mostly superficial and the product is only a little bit\" green.
\"As awareness of the environmental costs of producing and throwing away plastic bottles grows higher, it is no surprise that some water filter companies become\" green.
Aquasana, for example, launched a \"self-bottling\" campaign where their products, such as the Rhino Full House water filter system, are more eco-friendly than other water treatment systems.
The filter for the whole house is \"greener\" than the reverse penetration filter \". The very important environmental benefit of the rhino is that it does not need electricity or waste water (No backlash).
Do you know how much water the reverse osmosis system is wasting?
To purify a gallon of water, they can waste three gallons of water!
Unlike reverse osmosis, many
The stage selective filtration process can reduce VOCs (
Volatile organic chemicalsand SOCs (
Organic synthetic chemicals
At the same time, leave healthy minerals and taste the delicious Ph balanced water.
Rhinos filter out more than 99% of chlorine.
To be sustainable and thrive, environmental products must perform better and provide an obvious ecological advantage.
The reverse osmosis alone does not produce much likestage Rhino.
Because so much water is wasted, it is not environmental.
Reverse osmosis uses pressure to push water through the film, which allows filtered water molecules to pass, while leaving water with larger compounds (contaminants)behind.
Unfortunately, that means you have to waste 50 to 90% of the water.
Talk about throwing the baby out with bath water!
This is just a non-environmental water treatment method, which is the opposite of sustainable life.
Compare it to a system like rhino, which allows water to pass through a level 4 doublechamber tank -
No need to waste water
As a result, better quality water than bottled water can be delivered to every faucet in your home in just a few pence a day.
With eco-friendly rhinos, you and your family can drink, bathe and live in pure and healthy water!
No bottled water!
Recycling your plastic bottles is definitely better than throwing them into the trash can, but if you do this often, it\'s still devastating to the environment.
It doesn\'t make sense from a health, environmental or cost perspective.
Aquasana\'s \"green\" home water filter can provide better water quality than bottled water for less than two cents a bottle!
Families spend more than a hundred dollars a month on bottled water and hardly notice that they are doing so, which is not uncommon.
To make matters worse, the recycling revolution estimates that Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles an hour, most of them thrown away.
People save $500 a year, or even more, by investing in the entire house filtration system.
There are also many other health benefits here that are too broad to elaborate.
Rhino EQ-
300, you can get the best value of any entire home system in the United States by bottling your own water, saving hundreds of dollars, compared with other water treatment systems, this equipment has superior environmental advantages, make you feel good.
Conclusion There are hundreds of reasons for the surge in \"green\" products.
The rhino joins these products because it does not waste water;
Is a healthier alternative to other water filter systems;
A huge alternative to bottled water that prevents thousands of plastic containers from entering landfill sites and polluting the environment.
In addition, quality home water treatment equipment is also likely to be the best investment you make for your home health.
Now that you understand that not all Full House filters are the same in terms of environmental protection, take the time to study and compare prices and performance.
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