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GQ series commercial water purification machine market demand

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Currently imported brand's water purifiers, filter % source licensing, love HPC, 3 m and other international well-known brand is still firmly in the hands of the high-end consumer market in our country, form the big three on the water purification industry high-end consumption market, rumors's special water purifier since the beginning of the year to the development of domestic low-end market, filter % source licensing people become the preferred brand ( www。 chinawaterx。 com) But in the past six months the effect is not obvious, the water purifier is a recognized industry can rolls into ordinary common people, is to let a person look forward to, this is also the landmark event in the water purification industry, said the water purifier is not just the patent of high-end consumer groups. Domestic brand of professional water purifier production mainly spring dew, lisheng, qinyuan, angel, the fountain of net brand as the representative, this is the first domestic professional water purifier filter source brand.
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