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Groundwater equipment processing classic case

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Shandong water electrician, before Mr. Hu do water electrician do bad also, over the years always want to change careers, just received a pipe connecting enterprise, the user said to him, the water is groundwater, pumped yellow, later have an impact on the quality of the product. Mr. Hu is also a shrewd man, understand the user's boss, this is not more business opportunities, and then through the query on baidu, find our company, Mr. Hu told me the scene of the situation, just pumped water is very clear, over a period of time is yellow, what reason is this? We preliminary judgment is underground manganese overweight, because it would be yellow iron manganese by air oxidation, severe cases a period of time has yellow sediment. I suggested him to the centers for disease control and prevention, or the quality supervision bureau sampling inspection, Mr Hu was more serious, to be honest, yellowing of groundwater are generally of excess iron and manganese.
it is indeed a excess iron and manganese, iron has reached 2 mg/L, we recommend using manganese sand filter to filter processing, manganese sand relative quartz sand filter material is more expensive, though, so he said, with a quartz sand filter can also, quartz sand is cheap, low cost, is a mechanical filter, why not? And then we explain the different filter quartz sand and manganese sand filter and the same place, Mr Hu is a wise man, also understand and went in, and then the next thing is to determine tanks according to their flow and water quality, filter. He said: now, here in shandong is dong groundwater has this kind of situation, your equipment ready, if the effect is good, estimates that there are many sets of behind.
after dealing with the manganese sand filter in the water, not all night turned yellow, meet the customer requirements, he also very convincing. This time, he once again to order our products, we also very happy, now he is not simply a water electrician, but the boss of a water treatment engineering company, he registered a water treatment engineering company, professional development of groundwater treatment in shandong market. Mr. Hu really cattle, the successful transformation. In fact in our work, actually met so many smart people, by grasping the market small business opportunities, and through our filter source water treatment technical staff guidance and training, successfully penetrated to the industry water treatment projects.
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