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Groundwater water purification equipment design guidelines

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Groundwater purification processing, generally USES + reverse osmosis treatment, pretreatment for the groundwater, he has a high hardness, high conductivity, high iron and manganese, so the water purification treatment, pretreatment must be made to work, to ensure that it is not easy to reverse osmosis membrane congestion, so usually use groundwater pretreatment: medium filter ( Manganese sand and quartz sand) + activated carbon filter, water softener add scale inhibitor device + + security filters. Reverse osmosis membrane design also want to make good design allowance, so as to ensure the amount of water in water.
I company production of water purification equipment in a chemical plant has been very good application, at first, the chemical factory boss with another reverse osmosis equipment, as a result of water quality analysis, adopt the conventional sand carbon filter, security filtered directly into reverse osmosis, as a result, the reverse osmosis membrane blocked in less than a week, the flow rate decreased by 80%, the conductivity increase also is very severe, reverse osmosis no regeneration system, back and forth cleaning cost a lot of time and money, finally found our chemical factory boss, we analysis on water quality, using the manganese iron equipment, nut shell activated carbon filter, and then after softening equipment, adding scale inhibitors, their security filter pretreatment is very carefully, into the reverse osmosis, after 2 months of operation, found no clogging situation of reverse osmosis membrane.
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