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Guangxi nanning 20-inch wire wound filter shipment - The latest development of water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
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guangxi nanning 20-inch wire wound filter shipment

guangxi nanning take customer 20-inch skeleton line around the filter shipment
the purchasing manager of nanning customer Mr Xu is a hardware factory, he was found on alibaba, our company's information, through the understanding, I knew that he was the need to 20 inches around line with skeleton 5 micron filter, dosage is 500 pieces per month, said that now need to find an affordable manufacturers long-term cooperation.
we also want to do this order, so quote Mr Xu, the price also reported lower than usual, after quote the price, the customer said to send a formal quotation to him, he must submit to the leadership over there, I can say the
after 30 minutes, I give him the quotation sent in the past, and the phone told Mr Xu, he said he was a look.
3 days, he said that they have received several quotations, said it would purchase, can ask price preferential point again, I said the price is the lowest, less need to apply with the manager there, his name is under application, give him reply, I said.
1 hour later, I gave him the telephone, said the lowest price I can get a zero. 5 yuan/branch, and said no profit, we may not be able to complete your again, he said, report with the leadership under the
the next day, in the morning, he gave me a call, said their leaders agreed on the price, but to ensure the quality, I said quality can rest assured that we have a long-term cooperation with many hardware factory, and then told me to do contract to him, after 10 minutes, I will hand over the contract, and tell him.
in the afternoon, he managed to contract, and said that their finance has paid the money, you want me to check, I said good
I came to the accounting office, ask financial have received the sum, financial said received, then I told Mr. Xu received, he asked me to arrange as soon as possible. I had a good
3 days, Mr. Xu of the shipment is ready, the warehouse is packaged, very grateful to the customer's support!
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