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by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
How safe is the water you drink?If you use a pitcher with a Brita water filter in it, you may not be as safe as the water you get using a different filtration method.Of course, using any filter is better than drinking water directly from the tap, but you are not willing to remove all unhealthy substances, not just part of it.You may use Brita water filters as they are the best-selling ones you can buy.
Note, I\'m not saying they are the best water filters you can get, just saying they are the best sellers.One of the reasons they won the title is that they sell more filters than anyone else.One of the reasons they sell more is that the initial cost of buying one is lower.
The initial cost may be lower compared to other brands and models, such as the Aquasana countertop model, but that\'s the end of the cost savings.It takes about 22 cents a gallon to purify a gallon of water on those English pitchers, but in the Aquasana counter top model, it takes only 9 cents per gallon.In addition, the Aquasana filter can remove more dangerous contaminants.
Those water pitchers removed some contaminants, but the filters were too small for them to filter out all the hazardous chemicals in our water supply today.They do not filter out THM or chlorine by-products.These harmful THM trigger the production of free radicals in our body that are highly carcinogenic and cause damage at the cellular level in the form of cancer.
So don\'t just look at what model is the cheapest when you first buy it.Look long-The long-term cost of the operation, and look at the performance data sheet to find out what they remove from your drinking water.If the performance data sheet does not list some sort of contamination on their sheet, you are almost certain that dangerous chemicals are still in your water after passing through their filters.
If in doubt, write or email them and ask them if you have any specific pollution problems.The everhome water filter product you use, whether it\'s a Brita water filter, Aquasana water filter system or any other purification method, can view their website and compare the total cost, the initial cost and cost of the filter, including how many gallons of water they filtered.It is also possible to find out the percentage of removal of all contaminants and decide on which system is best.
Keep in mind that just because Brita water filters are the best sellers, they are not the best in filtering hazardous contaminants.Juanita Ruby is passionate about health.She knows that our body contains more than 70% of water, so the quality of our water has a great impact on our health.She uses a water filtration system to purify her water.
Visit her website atto to find out which water purification system she trusts to protect her health
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