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Heavy traffic how to extend the folded water filter using cycle

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
We want to know, filter is consumption goods, so will be replaced after use for a period of time. So, how to prolong the cycle of large flow folding water filter? First of all, we must first clear big flow performance and characteristics of folding water filter, can better for its processing.

big flow performance and characteristics of water filter:

big flow water filter carrying is convenient, its filter layer from the liquid to the liquid, aperture from coarse to fine, pledged to impurities remaining in the filter element, avoid the occurrence of secondary pollution.

it outside into the inside of the structure to make it easier to change, at the same time ensure that the intercept pollutants outside. In addition the equipment scope of application is very wide, both start and continuous run time can be used.

big flow water filter to horizontal pleating technique, flow in the limited space inside the filter medium area, at the same time, guarantee the per unit area have fluid through the filter medium, effective filtering area of conversion rate and the efficiency is very high.

then understand the large flow after folding water filter performance, to prolong the cycle of big water flow folding filter method is what?

because of the large flow of water filter processing water is usually fixed, not easy to change, so we will by changing the other influence factors to achieve our goal.

operation effect, large flow water filter pretreatment improved optimization of flocculating agent and dosage of coagulant aid, at the same time, choose suitable water scale inhibitor, adjust good pretreatment equipment to a better running state, and according to the process operation strictly ensure the effluent water quality qualified, reduce the influence on the equipment.

in addition, the reliable quality of choose and buy big flow water filter can also ensure that water quality to a great extent and extend the life cycle of equipment.

filter gap and dense, more can effectively catch impurities, low pressure loss of large flow water filter service life is longer, and can improve sludge removal in a greater degree.
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