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High alumina ceramic filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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high aluminum honeycomb ceramic carrier or high alumina ceramic filter is in order to adapt to developed countries such as Europe, America, British petroleum chemical desulfurization catalyst with demand and development. After using this new carrier impregnated catalyst, can improve the efficiency of desulfurization, prompting sulfur gas distribution uniformity and the effect of reducing the air resistance. Its performance index, tested and novelty. Experts say technical level has reached the domestic leading. The product got certificate of high-tech products in jiangxi province in 2004. And through the results by the science appraisal in jiangxi province. In 2004 won the state intellectual property office of patent of appearance design. The patent number: ZL033424667. And won the national Ministry of Science and Technology & other; Small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund project & throughout; 700000 yuan. The aluminum content of 90% above, all exported the United States, Britain and other countries. The desulfurization is widely used in petrochemical industry. Characteristics: a new kind of ceramic materials, oxide has natural chemical adsorption ( Affinity) Ability, on the inner wall of the hole on the adsorption of metal impurities ( Including particle is less than the hole size) And improve the filtering effect. Advanced extrusion production process, make the ceramics filter has the unique design of the square and triangle it increase the contact area and ceramics, improves the filter adsorption and the ability to capture the tiny impurities, than the extrusion type filter filtering effect, liquid metal flows smoothly. To improve the casting speed and continuity; Decrease the casting scrap rate; Improve the mechanical properties of castings, prolong service life. High temperature working strength, thermal shock resistance and impact resistance of the metal flow ability. Has a very high temperature strength and mechanical shock resistance. In the transport of use and without any broken or damaged, the use of going to filter operation greatly. Has a very significant filtering effect. Is much higher than fiber filter filtering effect. The significant criterion for filtering mechanism on filtering effect and speed. Can effectively reduce the pouring of liquid metal turbulence, make filling smoothly, avoid to produce castings surface defects. Have larger metal flow rate, and stable flow rate ( Is different from the foam ceramic filter the flow rate with the increase of the number of inclusions trapped gradually reduce) 。 Even in the molten metal inclusion content in many cases, normal use will not cause the filter clogging. Has the very high chemical stability, and is not affected by acid alkali metal, without changing the chemical composition of metal. High dimensional accuracy and can be used for automatic production line filter was laid Internet address
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