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High efficiency filtration ceramic filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

efficient filter ceramic filter

efficient filter ceramic filter is introduced:
it can filter the liquid and gas. Um particles and bacteria, it has high filtration precision, filtering speed, etc.
is now widely used in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, brewing, pharmaceutical
chemical, electronics, beverages industry solid-liquid separation, gas purification, water treatment, etc.

efficient filter ceramic filter USES:

. Can be used in the field of environmental protection, wastewater sludge after chemical coagulation, flocculation body filtering
. Oily wastewater of oil-water separation processing
. A variety of flue gas filter, etc.
. Can be widely used in water treatment, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry,
power, light industry, food, medicine, textile, paper making, coking and steel industries such as recycling.

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