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High flow filter to filter traffic? Pall pall filter precision can achieve high traffic?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
High flow filter is the core of high flow filtration system to filter unit, by adopting the technology of horizontal pleating, citing precision pleating technology abroad, corrugated uniform, in limited space inside the filter medium area flow zui, high flow filter design pressure for 80 cubic meters, the actual need to see the actual working condition under pressure flow. High flow filter include pall pall high flow filter, parker, parker high flow filter, 3 m high flow filter, filtering precision can reach 1 um ( Micron) , filtration efficiency can reach 99. More than 5%. Filter source filter through ISO certification standards, the factory is can have product certificate, packing list and other documents, these are the need to save the good, not casually throw. If you want to consult other filter or filter equipment, such as can contact phone/WeChat: 187 - 9061 - 0805, 24 hours online at any time, have a need for free field of surveying and mapping, in order to filter adaptation condition and filtering equipment.
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