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High quality heavy traffic folded filter should have these four characteristics

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Filter water effect is good or bad is determined by the quality of the filter, filter quality user watches. Heavy traffic folded filter is a very important part of the filter, when the choose and buy, how to buy good quality heavy traffic filter?
high quality large flow filter should have the four characteristics of
1. Regular filter manufacturers

professional focus, quality products must be built on the basis of specialization, and professional on the premise of normal. Large flow filter manufacturers formal or not, can have the business license, product approval documents of health and quality inspection certificate for verification.

2。 Raw materials and production technology of security

first-class materials, combined with first-class production technology, make the inevitable is a superb product. High quality filter must be based on raw materials, the use of high-tech professional auxiliary equipment, can be achieved. Large flow filter raw material is polypropylene, the use of overseas high-quality filter numerical control equipment production.

3. Length, weight, filtration precision safeguard

filter and filter is needed to use, the length of the filter is fixed, the filter element must be fixed, usually one more ounce less will have very big distinction, severe cases may cause filter leakage; The size of the filter element and filter precision determines the water effect and service life, a slight deviation will directly affect the operation of filter's overall; The size of the filter, the filtering precision can through professional measuring tool inspection, operators will have.

4. With international quality certification approval

true gold fears not the fire, good afraid of inspection. Product quality or not, the manufacturer said not, individual users say is not, this need professional authority of detection, through the will issue the approval document of certification, by the relevant departments can query.
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