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High quality polypropylene folded filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

high quality polypropylene folded filter

high quality polypropylene folded filter summary:
the whole material of the filter is to use hundred of pure pp material, with a wide range of chemical compatibility.
filtration precision have multiple choice, filter as a whole, without any cement, no leakage, no second pollution
can be used for a variety of fields.

high quality polypropylene folded filter features and specifications:

food beverage industry: mineral water, wine, fruit juice filter

oil industry chemical industry electronics industry filter

liquids filtration precision:. um,. 嗯,。 : um, um, etc.
element diameter mm
filter inside diameter: mm
filter length: inches and inches, inches and inches, '
filter area:. 。 M2

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