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High temperature water filtration

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The core technology is reactive molecules film superfine fiber adsorption filter combination and pluripotent. Under the condition of the steam condensate is not down to room temperature, using reactive molecules ultra filter membrane and composite carbon fiber adsorption method with a large number of functional groups, can effectively remove the emulsion in the condensate state, dissolved and other hydrocarbons and their derivatives. At the same time in reactive molecules under the action of membrane and composite carbon fiber with functional groups, emerge the secondary and tertiary valence metal ions in the water. In practical use of this technology with the features of easy operation, management, high temperature adsorption performance is good, low processing cost and easy to realize automatic control and on-line monitoring and other technical characteristics. At the same time due to direct in the condition of high temperature processing, objectively and avoid the secondary pollution.
staff told reporters at the scene of the exhibition, many petrochemical enterprise at present due to the process water have different degree of pollution in the process, the high temperature steam treatment typically have three way to direct discharge into natural waters, were recycled for circulating water supplement water or winter heating of the water. The treatment of high temperature steam condensate aeriform in waste a great deal of heat and water resources. In fact, just because caused by tiny impurities exist in the high temperature steam condensate cannot be recycled, so is the waste. The greatest characteristic of high temperature steam treatment technology is that can be through a set of devices will be above 120 ℃ water purification filter. In the water retention of a lot of heat to water purification, which can be recycled, have the effect of energy saving, water saving.
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